Myles Cameron is a travel and commercial photographer/cinematographer. He grew up surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, which heavily influenced his interest in picking up a camera. This inspiration from the outdoors motivated him to pursue photography and cinematography further, which eventually led to him going full time freelance. During this time, Myles has been very active on his Instagram account, where he continues to build an audience of over 25,000 followers. He is currently traveling the world as much as possible, as well as working on commercial projects. If you would like to contact him regarding working together, please email

Select clients include: Western Digital, AquaTech Imaging Solutions, Coleman USA, Happy Campers, Lagoon Car Rental, Treehut, Valvoline, Neff Headwear, Lull Mattress, Renwick, Irish Spring, Urban Armor Gear, Rumpl